Set in the mythical age of Vikings, FATED: The Silent Oath tells a tale of courage and sacrifice where an everyday father and husband must do the impossible to save his family from the destruction of the world at the hands of giants of old.

Key features

FATED is a first-person movie-length narrative-adventure game in virtual reality. This immersive game with stunning visuals showcases the best that VR has to offer, proposing a strong story-driven, narrative experience that focuses on emotion over gameplay.

This project is being developed by a dedicated team within Frima.

Platforms: Oculus, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive
Age rating: Teen, may contain blood and violence




The problem with Fated is that it’s amazing, but you won’t believe me.

— Ben Kuchera


“Connection. Love. Fear. Excitement. To say I got deep into Fated is an understatement.”

— Scott Hayden

VR Focus

Fated is a first-person VR videogame that combines storytelling with emotional driven action sequences.

— Peter Graham



Read the developers’ blog regularly, where the team shares their experience with VR development as well as their passion for FATED, and hopefully get you as excited about it as they are!

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FATED: The Silent Oath is available for PlayStation VR, Oculus and HTC Vive through the following online retailers.

  • Available on Steam for $9.99

  • Available on Oculus Store for $9.99

  • Available on PlayStation®Store for $9.99



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