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Since its creation in 2003, Frima, now a leader in entertainment and innovation, has developed a complete portfolio of media products ranging from virtual worlds and mobile apps to console, social and Web games. Its expertise also extends to special effects, animation and visual design, as well as connected toys and objects. In addition to working in close collaboration with internationally renowned partners such as Disney, Lego, Mattel, Activision, Warner and Ubisoft, Frima has developed successful products in its own right, including Chariot, Nun Attack, Zombie Tycoon and A Space Shooter. With over 350 industry professionals on staff, Frima develops top-quality products that stand out artistically, technologically, and from a business model perspective


Origins of Frima

Founded in 2003 by Steve Couture, Philippe Bégin and Christian Daigle, Frima Studio was born from the desire of three visionaries to craft video games and digital entertainment for all platforms and screens. The name “Frima” is a testament to the studio’s humble wintery beginnings, as the apartment in which the trio had set shop was so poorly insulated and heated that both floor and windows were covered in frost. In French, “frimas” means “frost,” so they ditched the silent “s” and dubbed the company “Frima.” Even though the studio’s beginnings were humble, Frima still started out by producing Web games for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, such as Harry Potter and Looney Tunes. With prestigious names like these lining its portfolio, the studio quickly earned a reputation for the quality of its games, both art-wise and technology-wise.


Frima took its first step into the world of multiplayer games in 2007 with the launch of its first massively multiplayer online game: GalaXseeds. The game’s success prompted the company to develop more virtual worlds for its partners and clients, which served to propel the studio into an upward spiral at neck-break speed. In 2008, Frima acquired Humagade, a company specializing in the production of games for consoles and mobile phones, allowing Frima to merge the new market of virtual worlds with that of traditional gaming. Ever since, Frima has been able to provide its clients with multiplatform solutions.

An unparalleled service offering

In 2011, Frima expanded its already comprehensive line of services with two new business line additions. First, Frima acquired the animation and special effects division of Studio Virtuel Concept (SVC), enlisting the collective talent of a seasoned team of creative minds. This allowed Frima to launch Frima FX and realize its long-time dream of developing entertainment products for the advertising, television and movie markets. Next, Frima acquired Volta, a world-renowned Québec-based studio specializing in concept art. In preproduction, concept art is vital, as it serves to establish a product’s visual style and direction. This highly specialized and sought-after field of expertise adds to the services that Frima can provide its partners and clients.

Building on success

Year after year, Frima continues to strike wide-scale partnerships with giants of the entertainment industry, such as Activision, Adobe, Disney, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, Sony, Square Enix, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. Not only does Frima offer a complete and varied line of services, it also produces its own products and intellectual properties. Successes like Zombie Tycoon, Young Thor and A Space Shooter for Free! bear witness to the passion and effervescence that inhabit Frima and its 200 employees.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Fidéide - Chambre de commerce de Québec" - Winner - High technology category, 2013
  • "Gala reconnaissance Un monde à faire" - Winner - Entreprise du monde category, 2013
  • "The Numix Awards" - Finalist in the category "Mobile Game" for Nun Attack, 2013
  • "The Numix Awards" - Finalist "Best Game" for Skylanders Spyro's Universe, 2012
  • "Canadian Videogame Awards" - Finalist "Best Game on the Go" for A Space Shooter for Free!, 2012

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